Birthday Parties

"I thought that was the best amusement for the kids! The staff was very helpful and wonderful! Loved to come back again."

"The party was wonderful and the new space is fantastic.  The three coaches who were there were absolutely incredible and did an amazing job. We are so thankful for Energy and can't say enough great things about the day!"

"Thanks so much for hosting a fantastic party, we really thought the whole event was great. We especially appreciated the wonderful instructors - the kids all had such a fun time. Brandon kept talking about how much he loved the obstacle course! He felt very special the whole time. We also really appreciated all the little thoughtful touches: the packing up of all the presents, the setting up of all the party snacks and food, the special birthday chair, the party picture. Brandon couldn't have been happier. Thanks so much!"

Personal Training

"Its very empowering and feel good and even when you have a bad day the trainer can change it up for you and you know you will be able to get through it. I feel that Energy is so focused on the individual that Energy has made it possible by bringing personal training in reach for many. For me it is just me anchor to my week, it set me in the right direction." 

School Events

"Thank you for hosting our Brown School Open Gym Fundraiser on January 15, 2018. Your staff was very engaged, friendly, and helpful, and the kids had a great time! We were able to raise enough funds for the PTO to provide transportation for a field trip for our students. This was a great event that we look forward to repeating in the future!  With thanks- Brown School PTO, Natick"