Open Workouts - For level Energy Girl 2  to advanced gymnasts

Beam Girl

Energy’s Open Workout program offers our gymnasts an opportunity to increase their training hours, work on skills that they are developing in class, and improve their overall performance in gymnastics.

Open Workouts follow a weekly program that is based on Energy’s syllabus, featuring stations for each event. Students’ progress is tracked with skill cards, an easy-to-read breakdown of individual skills that are the building blocks for proper technique, strength-building, flexibility, and skill mastery. Before moving on to more challenging skills, students must demonstrate their proficiency within the designed sequence. As a result, students will be continuously challenged, develop more advanced gymnastics skills safely, and master skills independently.

Each Open Workout session is coached by one of our Master Staff members, who provides guidance, spotting, and motivation for all of the students attending each Open Workout.

This program also highlights the importance and value of gymnasts “mentoring” each other by modeling a strong work ethic, demonstrating strong skill performance, setting up drills, and motivating other students’ performance. As peers demonstrate their initiative, support, and leadership as mentors they receive mentoring awards.


  • For class level E-Girls 2 and up
  • Advance sign-up is required
  • $15 per session for enrolled students, $20 per session for non-enrolled students
  • September 8th - June 24th
  • Newton location:
  • Natick location:

Summer Drop-In Open Gym

This is a convenient way for you to enjoy our gym and have some fun with your child and their friends. There’s no need to call or reserve a space, just show up during the times listed below.

This program is for ages nine and under.

Price: $7 per child, $15 cap per family.

 For current schedules please see the events calendar