Making Gymnastics Fun for Everyone

Specialized Training Customized at Your Child's Pace


Our 45-minute E-Blast program is  for children ages 6-8 and offered during times when the gym is less busy. This class is for students who do not require one on one community support but do need a bit of extra instruction or attention during class.

These classes will begin with a smaller ratio of 4:1 but could increase to a ratio of up to 6:1 depending on class dynamic and the instructor’s discretion.

E-Blast students will learn gymnastics skills, develop spatial awareness and gross motor development as they work through obstacle courses on a variety of gymnastics equipment including the bars, beams, vault, tumbling, floor, foam pit and trampolines.


Our E-Burst program is 45 minutes and will be offered at times when the gym is empty. This class is for students that require one on one community support.

Each child participating in the E-Burst program will need a caregiver in the gym with them at all times. This class is designed to provide a safe and welcoming environment where students can freely explore the gym as well as engage in learning gymnastic skills using obstacle courses on a variety of equipment with the encouragement of the instructor.

Our E-Burst students will be guided through gymnastics-based exercises at their own pace, and will develop fitness skills that will last them a lifetime. 


Our E-Bounce program is a 1 Hour Open Gym opportunity for all children and families to explore, move their bodies and burn some ENERGY!

This class requires adult supervision, but during the hour your child is free to explore the gym and equipment at their pace. There will be a coach available for instruction if needed, but this class is mainly for free time and play in the gym. 

Interested in an Adaptive Class? Let us Know.