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By Austen Hemlepp • January 25, 2019

Can You Learn Gymnastics as an Adult? (Yes!)

Can you learn gymnastics as an adult? Our answer is yes, in fact we recommend all adults try some form of gymnastics because not only can they accomplish skills in the sport, but it will give both adults and children alike life-long health benefits!

Gymnastics is a Sport that Works at Any Pace


Gymnastics is a sport that works at any pace, and that includes an adult's pace. Adults generally take longer to build muscle and flexibility than children, which means learning gymnastics will take longer, but its not by any means impossible.

Lots of people think that after you hit age 20, gymnastics is something that is unachievable. That is not the case. Maybe the olympics are unachievable, but there's so much more to the sport than that.

Learning gymnastics is based on building strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Regardless of your current fitness level, building on all three of these aspects will inevitably prepare your for accomplishing new gymnastics skills. New skills come with new strength, its as simple as that, and no adult is incapable of it.

Gymnastics = Longer Life


One of the more unique things about gymnastics as a sport is that is uses isometric training techniques. This means that our strength-training is based on your own body's weight rather than defined by an actual weight or machine.

Gymnastics training is based on repetition and your own body's weight rather than pushing yourself to lift heavier. This builds your muscles at a healthy and productive pace. It lessens the chance for injury in the future, and takes away some of the damaging stress to your muscles and bones as you age.

Basically, this type of training keeps you at your highest functioning level without pushing yourself over your limits. And its 100% based on you and your body, so you can improve at your own pace and find your own limits.

It Improves Your Mental Health.

brain-3168269_1280One of the reasons a lot of parents' sign their kids of for gymnastics is for the mental health benefits surrounding confidence and self-esteem. But its not just important for kids to feel good about themselves - all adults could use a boost of self-confidence. And gymnastics delivers that to everyone.

Gymnastics is a sport that relies on YOU. When you accomplish a new skill, a lot of times, its scary! You have to go upside-down, backwards, over a vault, and you have to trust yourself to really accomplish it. This forces you to develop a sense of confidence and self-esteem. "I can do this." and "I am capable" are things that gymnasts have to tell themselves to muster up the confidence for a new skill. And once you accomplish that skill, your confidence in yourself is only reinforced and driven to push yourself even harder. 

We've Seen the Results

What's more convincing than anything? Seeing it with your own eyes. At Energy Fitness & Gymnastics, we've seen adults make huge strides in our Adult Gymnastics class.IMG_8701

We've seen complete beginners accomplish back-handsprings, returning gymnastics reaching their old potential, and we see more every week.

It almost seems miraculous that adults ranging from 18 to 40 can actually still accomplish gymnastics skills, but its not. It's actually completely sensible, it just takes a little work and commitment.

Check out our Beginners Gymnastics WorkOut to start building strength like a gymnast, or find an adult gymnastics class for you to go all in!