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By Austen Hemlepp • February 11, 2019

The Monday to Friday Snack Guide that Will Boost Your Kid's Protein

One of the most difficult things about parenting today is trying to maintain a healthy diet for your growing child. And one of the most essential parts of a healthy diet for children is protein.

With processed options being so abundant and easy to access, sometimes we let things slide. And most oftentimes that thing is snacks.

Kids want flavor and that's why they are drawn to those sodium high snacks full of processed sugar. There are alternatives though, and they're easy, healthy, and filled with protein!

They're so good, you'll probably want to put some aside for yourself too.

Monday: Greek Yogurt & Toppings



This one is a favorite because it can really be tailored to your child's preferences while still being healthy and filled with protein! Greek yogurt isn't required, but it doubles the protein when compared to classic yogurt. And for a growing kid, that means more energy and more brainpower.

Our top-topping is granola. It's filled with fiber and iron which brings this snack to the next level. You can also substitute trail mix, or healthy cereals to make this snack crunchy and satisfying for your kid.

It's also never a bad idea to add fruit. Kids love the classics: strawberries and bananas, but adding super-fruits, like cranberries or pomegranate really brings up your kid's snacking game.

Tuesday: Pretzels and Cream Cheese



Most kids love pretzels, but by adding cream cheese to the mix, you are getting in that extra scoop of protein that they're missing from a simple snack like a bag of chips. This is an easy way to satisfy your kids savory tooth while still giving them the protein they need from a snack.

Cream cheese sometimes can hold a bad reputation - the fat, sodium, and carbs tend to push parents away. But there are tons of options for cream cheese that we recommend rather than the plain option. Try a veggie-inspired cream cheese that will add more value to this little snack, while still being delicious!

Wednesday: Guacamole and Anything


It's no secret that avocados are super good for you! Part of that has to do with the natural protein they contain. But they are also filled with vitamins like potassium and vitamin C, AND they are known to lower cholesterol! And in today's environment lowering cholesterol can be key to your kid's healthy diet.

We recommend guacamole instead of straight avocado for kids because, well, it tastes so yummy! And kids like flavor. Generally, guacamole (we recommend homemade to be sure!) is filled with other nutritious veggies like onions and peppers.

The best part is, you can choose what to dip. The classic is chips, but you can make this yummy snack even healthier by replacing the chips with pita chips, or even vegetables like carrots or celery to dip in!

Thursday: Pita Chips with Hummus


It's the chip n' dip of the 21st century: lower in sodium, higher in protein, and still super tasty.

Everyone needs a pick-me-up on Thursday, and that includes our kids. This yummy snack will satisfy their need for crunchy chips, and give them the energy they need to make it to their next meal!

The real hero to this snack is the hummus though. Hummus, which is composed almost entirely of chickpeas, is filled with essential vitamins for your kids and has been speculated to prevent cancer by increasing the growth of healthy bacteria.


Friday: Grapes and Cheese


It's a classic combo: grapes and cheese. Not only are you prepping your kids to be future wine and cheese experts, but this snack is the perfect combo of savory and sweet while still giving your kids the protein and vitamins that their growing bodies crave.

Most kids go bananas over cheesy goodness, but snacks like cheez-its and cheesy popcorn are filled with sodium more than the actual protein that cheese can provide. By giving them the simply cheese cubes, slices, or a cheese stick, you are giving your kids a chance to really appreciate cheese in portion.

Another alternative to this snack is apples slices and cheese!