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Xcel Program

This program is for students who wish to participate in the competitive realm of gymnastics. Xcel students will be a part of the Energy Gymnastics Team, and will compete in local competitions, challenging themselves every step of the way. 

The Xcel Team members will be held to a higher standard in gymnastics form, skill, and commitment. The program includes mandatory additional hours in the gym to develop more advanced skills and keep our students' strength, flexibility, and body awareness at the high level they are performing at. 

This Program is by Reccomendation Only

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2017/2018 Results: All Around Team Scores

Dream Big Invitational: 196.8/240

Wilkey's: 137.55/160

Teddy Bear Bingo: 237.85/280

Xcel Districts: 137.35/160 

IN our 2017/18 year, we had two gymnasts qualify for states. 

2016/2017 Results: All Around Team Scores

O'Leary's Snowflake Invitational: 196.8/240

Commonwealth Cup: 185.5/260

Teddy Bear Bingo: 101.8/120

Xcel Districts: 32.8/40


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