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Beginner Programs

Our programs for beginner students is designed to give them a basic understanding of gymnastics and fitness.

Our beginner programs focus on strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility. Our students will learn gymnastics in a fun and interactive style while emphasizing safety, independence, and skill building.  


Our beginner girl's program is designed to introduce gymnastics in a fun and achievable way. This program will build base skills that the girls will later build on, such as the handstand, forward and backward roll, cart-wheel, and pullover.

The girls will be guided through exercises on the floor, balance beams, trampolines, uneven bars, and vault, giving them a well-rounded start to gymnastics.


Our beginner boy's program is designed to introduce gymnastics in a fun and safe environment. The program leads boys through skills like the dive roll, handstand, vault squat-on, and pull-overs.

The boys will be training on the floor, still rings, parallel bars, high bar, pommel horse, and trampoline. These exercises will set the boys up to safely perform more advanced skills in the future

Intermediate Programs

Our intermediate-level programs are designed to build on our student's already developed skills in gymnastics. These classes focus on all-around strength, body awareness, and flexibility. Intermediate level students will further nurture their abilities by introducing more challenging and creative skills.

These programs are available by recommendation only.

Super EnergyGirls

In this girls’ program, students focus on the introduction of intermediate gymnastics skills, including front and back walkovers, back hip circles, front-handsprings, and other skills based on the level of the class.

The girls will utilize and perfect their skills on every event available at our gym including the floor, balance beam, uneven bars, vault, and trampoline. 

Super EnergyBoys

This intermediate boys’ program focuses on developing gymnastics skills, physical accomplishments, and self-esteem. The boys will learn skills such as the front handspring, round off, and the basic circle, and other skills based on the level of the class. 

Classes are high-energy, physically challenging, and fun. Students will develop strength, balance, and flexibility while training on all of the gymnastics events including the floor, vault, pommel horse, rings, and parallel bars. 

Advanced Programs

Our advanced level programs are designed for students who have a passion for mastering gymnastics in full with more advanced instruction.

This program is for students who are hard-working and want to spend more time in the gym doing what they love. Advanced students have the opportunity to execute full routines on all events and develop more complex and creative skills. 

These programs are available by recommendation only.

MightE Girls

In this advanced girls’ program, students focus the development of advanced skills such as the round-off back handspring, front tucks, and cartwheel on the beam. 

These girls will develop a sense of independence and self-esteem while learning a more challenging set of skills at a higher level of commitment on every gymnastics event. 

Intensive Program

This co-ed program gives our students an opportunity to take their gymnastics training to the next level without the pressure of competition. This program is for students who display a hard-working nature, and a passion for the sport. 

In our intensive program, our students will work to advance their skill set even further with skills like the fly-away, layouts, back walkovers on the beam, and routines. Students will work on every gymnastics event to develop a well-rounded skill set in gymnastics.

Xcel Program

This co-ed program is for students who wish to participate in the competitive realm of gymnastics. Xcel students will be a part of the Energy Gymnastics Team, and will compete in local competitions, challenging themselves every step of the way. 

The Xcel Team members will be held to a higher standard in gymnastics form, skill, and commitment. The program includes mandatory additional hours in the gym to develop more advanced skills and keep our students' strength, flexibility, and body awareness at the high level they are performing at.

Learn More about our Xcel Program Here.  

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How do I know what level my child should start at?
Unless your child has previous gymnastics training experience, we recommend you start at a beginner level to learn the basics of gymnastics to build on top of.  
If I have an older child will they feel out of place in a beginner class?
Absolutely not. One of our goals is to nurture our student's self-confidence. Your child will be placed in a class based on both age and level and will work together with his/her coach to achieve their goals at their best pace. 
If I register late, do I still have to pay the full price for the session?
No, Energy will take off the week(s) you did not attend prior to registering for classes in the session. 
Can I sign up my child for more than 1 class per week?
Absolutely, in fact, we recommend it. If you sign up for more than one class per week, you qualify for the sibling discount, which takes 10% off the second class signed up for, and 15% off the third. (Discounts applied on lesser tuition)

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