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An Energy Party consists of one hour of cooperative games, obstacle courses, parachute play, and fun in our trampoline/foam pit area, followed by a half-hour in our party area for cake and presents.

Energy Fitness & Gymnastics provides two to three energetic, well-trained instructors, as well as a festive, safe, and caring atmosphere for your child on their special day!

We supply

  • Exclusive use of our gymnasium and reception area for the duration of the party.
  • Use of our giant inflatable bouncy houses!
  • Cheerful, trained instructors who set up the party room, guide the children in the gym activities, serve the refreshments, and clean up!
  • Festive paper products: cups, napkins, table coverings, and eating utensils. We also provide a cake knife and lighter.
  • FREE access to cardio equipment and wireless internet access for adult party guests.

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What Time Should The Pizza Be Delivered? Do You Recommend Any Pizza Places?

Energy does not make recommendations, however, the most popular are:


Papa Gino's: (857)-255-2231

Bills Pizzeria: (617)-964-1166


Giovanni's Famous Pizza: (508)-545-2291

Nick's Pizza House: (508)-665-6098

Brooklyn NY Pizza: (508)-655-5355

Can I have a pinata at my child's party?
Only pull string pinatas are allowed. Please keep in mind this will use 10-12 minutes of the gym time.  Staff will gather and distribute the candy.
What is the maximum number of children I am allowed to have at my child’s party?

Ages 3 & 4: up to 15 children included, 20 maximum

Ages 5 & older: up to 20 children included, 25 maximum

If you are interested in having up to 5 additional children, contact the front desk to inquire.

Does Energy provide any decorations?
Energy provides a festive chair cover for the birthday child.
Does Energy provide beverages?
No, Energy does not provide any food or beverages.
Can I bring my own paper goods and can I bring them before the party?
 Yes. You may bring your own paper goods with you when you arrive for the party. If you would like to bring them earlier, you may do so on the Friday before your party or Saturday between 9:00 am - 12:30 PM. We ask that you do not come during other party times.
What paper goods does Energy supply?
We provide tablecloths, plates, napkins, forks, and spoons if needed. We also have cups and bowls.
How early can I arrive for my party?
Families are welcome to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the event. If you arrive earlier, please remain in your vehicle so that our staff can provide a smooth transition from one event to the next. If you come in early, the host will ask that you wait outside or in your car.
How many instructors will be at my child's party?
There will be 2-3 instructors in the gym and 1 host in the lobby.
When will I be charged for additional children?
Your card will be charged for additional children after your party when we have an exact head count. The host will confirm with you how many children attended. Typically the fees will be charged on the Monday after your party.