Personal Training

Your Training, Your Way


Energy's personal training program offers customized fitness training for women, men, and teens. Our professional and diverse group of trainers are committed to supporting you in reaching your health and fitness goals.

Our trainers are carefully chosen for their years of experience, enthusiasm, and ability to inspire you to reach your potential. Training at Energy is made fun and will help you create a healthy and rewarding lifestyle. Our program caters to people of all fitness levels, abilities, and ages.


Custom programs available for:

  • Weight loss
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sport-specific training
  • Pre- and post-pregnancy conditioning

Our Personal Training Pillars

Training Based on Your Goals

  • Our primary goal is to meet your primary goal and even to exceed your fitness expectations. While progress can be measured in many different ways, we want to make sure that your personal goals and areas of focus are being met and worked on throughout the personal training process.
  • In line with your personal goals, our professional trainers will develop a workout that helps nurture and ultimate achieve all of your fitness goals. Our trainers will apply their knowledge of fitness and exercise to make sure you are reaching those goals in a safe and achievable manner. 

Functional Training

  • Functional training focuses on training for the movements seen commonly in daily life. By focusing on these more basic actions, participants will see an increase in efficiency and ease in daily life and general fitness. Rather than focusing on muscles or a "fitness goal", this training focuses solely on the functionality of you. 
  • Our functional training utilizes traditional training such as core work, and use of dumbbells, medicine balls, and bands.

Mobility Training

  • Mobility Training focuses primarily on joint mobility and increasing your individual range of motion. Mobility training is used both to increase your physical fitness and as a form of training your body for future exercises. Increasing your mobility all around will improve your ability to train harder moving forward and increase flexibility. 
  • Our mobility training utilizes bands, yoga balls, stretching exercises and balance exercises. 

TRX Suspension Training

  • TRX Suspension Training requires the use of the TRX® Suspension Trainer™, a highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s bodyweight to enable hundreds of exercises that can be instantly scaled for any user to reach any fitness or training goal. The easily scalable nature of TRX Suspension Training makes it a practical solution wherever you are on the fitness continuum.
  • TRX SUSPENSION TRAINING PRINCIPLES: Three principles enable you to instantly scale TRX Suspension Training movements.

    For most standing movements, positioning your feet closer to the anchor point will increase resistance and heighten the challenge. Stepping farther away from the anchor point will decrease resistance and make movements easier to execute.

    For ground-based movements, moving your feet away from the anchor point will increase resistance and heighten the challenge. Moving your feet towards the anchor point or behind the anchor point will decrease resistance and make movements easier to execute.

    In general, performing movements with a narrower base of support or unilaterally (using just one arm or just one leg instead of both arms or both legs) will increase the challenge of TRX movements. The wider your base of support, the more stable you will be during TRX movements and the less challenging they will be to perform.

Development of Kinetic Chain

  • The kinetic chain is an athletic concept used to describe the extent of your movement. Using this specialized fitness theory, you either have a more open kinetic chain (free movement) or closed kinetic chain (restricted movement). By assessing your own point in the kinetic chain, our personal training is able to increase your freedom of movement throughout your body and strengthen each point along the way. 
  • The development of the kinetic chain is utilized throughout all of our personal training exercises. You will see a heightened ability in all areas of performance by focusing efforts towards opening your kinetic chain. 


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