• A $30 non-refundable annual registration fee per child is required.
  • A complete registration form with signature and credit card information is required for each child enrolling.
  • No spots will be held without payment in full.
  • Tuition is prorated if starting after the first class of the session.
  • A 10% sibling discount will be applied toward the lesser tuition for a second child enrolled. A 15% sibling discount is applied to the third child. The fourth child’s tuition is free.
  • There is a $20 charge for returned checks.


  • Once your child is enrolled in a class, their enrollment will carry over to subsequent sessions during the school year unless you notify us during our “unenrollment period” that your child will not be continuing into the next session. If you fail to notify us, your child will be automatically re-enrolled in their class and your credit card will be billed on our billing date for the next session. You will be responsible for paying for any classes in which your child’s spot was held, regardless of their attendance.
  • Tuition payments are billed to your credit card four weeks prior to the start of the fall session and two weeks prior to the start of the winter and spring sessions.
  • All returning students must re-enroll for the fall session. Class placement does not carry over from the spring.


  • Energy allows students to enroll and take up to four classes before making a commitment to the program.
  • Energy withholds the cost of the classes for which your child’s spot was held, plus the $30 annual registration fee, if the child withdraws from the program.

Trial Classes

  • Prospective students may take one trial class before committing to the program.
  • If a student chooses to enroll, the trial class is considered part of the tuition and the student will be charged. If a student chooses not to return, the trial class is complimentary.
  • After the first trial class the same student cannot attend another trial class.


  • There will be no refunds or credits for missed classes.
  • Two make-ups per session are permitted (four for Tots classes) and must be arranged one week in advance.
  • If you choose to miss class due to adverse weather conditions, Energy will provide an additional make-up class. Please call to let us know you will not be attending so we can apply the additional make-up.
  • Make-ups cannot be granted during our summer program, carried over to another session, or carried over to the following academic year.
  • If the Newton or Natick school district cancels school due to weather, Energy will also cancel classes. In this event, an additional make-up class will be applied to your account.


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If I sign up late for the session, do I still have to pay full price?
No, Energy will take off the price of the week(s) you missed before registering.