Come in and spend quality time with your little one at your convenience.

Ages 6 and under

Our Drop-In Open Gym is a great chance for you to spend quality time with your child, in the exciting environment of our fully equipped gymnastics gymnasium. 

Open gym is a great opportunity to bond with your child, learn new things, and make new friends. Have fun exploring your child's capabilities on the trampolines, foam pit, ropes, balance beams, and so much more to challenge your child in the comfort of your care!

Open Gym is typically on weekday mornings. Check out our event calendar for an accurate update. 


$7 /child

$15 /3+ children

Open Gym Packages

Make dropping in that much easier. 

Bunny Hop Package: 3 Open Gyms/$21

Froggy Jump Package: 6 Open Gyms/$36

SpringboardPackage: 12 Open Gyms/$69

Do I have to stay in the gym with my child?
Yes. During open gym, Energy does not provide coaching assistance or adult supervision. There will be a host in the lobby, but you will be responsible for your child. 
Do I have to fill out a waiver form to attend Open Gym?
Yes, you can easily fill out waiver form upon arrival for open gym. 
Can the Open Gym Packages apply to more than 1 child?
Each 'open gym' will count towards 1 child. So if you bring 2 children or 3 children, each child will count for an 'open gym' used from the package deal. 

Purchase an Open Gym Package