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Welcome to Energy Fitness & Gymnastics, where we build fit families and healthy communities through gymnastics, fitness, and empowerment. 

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Spring Showcase 2019

Extra Programs

For our Extra-Ordinary, Goal-Getting, Go-Getters

Take your gymnasts to the next level with our extra programs designed to train our students to that extra level.

Our extra programs focus on reinforcing the basics of strength, flexibility and body awareness, and introducing more rigorous workouts and working to achieve personal goals faster and more efficiently. 

  • Open WorkOut
  • TOPs (Talent Opportunity Program)
  • Single-Skill Bootcamp


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Drop in open gym: May & June


Newton and Natick locations
  • Enjoy open free play
  • 11:30am - 12:30pm
  • Air conditioned
  • 1 H F Brown Way, Natick MA
    • 16,000 sq/ft facility
  • 70 Jaconnet St Newton MA
    • 8,000 sq/ft facility
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  • 7:30pm: Open Tumbling | Natick
  • 6:30pm: Open Tumbling | Newton


  • 7:30pm: Open WorkOut | Newton
  • 7:30pm: Drop-In Adult Gymnastics | Newton


  • 7:00pm: Open Workout | Natick


  • 7:30pm: Open Workout | Newton


  • 6:30pm: Open Workout | Newton & Natick

2nd SATURDAY: Every month!

4th SATURDAY: Every month!