Our non-competitive recreational gymnastics program is focused on learning skills and having fun exercising.

Our main goal is for students to have fun as they become stronger, healthier, and more confident in their abilities. Our program also engages children in a wide variety of activities designed to promote both physical and emotional growth.

Each class begins with a fifteen-minute warm-up with the instructor. Classes then follow a bi-weekly rotation schedule, rotating events every fifteen minutes. This method ensures students time on each event including trampoline, bars, and rock-wall climbing.


The E-Tots program is for children from walking age to 3 years old. Parents actively participate with their child in this class. Students use age-appropriate gymnastics equipment, obstacle courses, the parachute, rings, and music to learn basic gymnastic skills. Development of gross motor skills, muscle tone, balance, coordination, and self-confidence are the goals of this program. Children will celebrate being physically fit while being in a safe, fun, highly energetic, and fitness-oriented atmosphere.


This beginner program focuses on movement education and creative expression through the introduction of gymnastics skills and games. In this class we use modified gymnastics apparatus especially designed for preschoolers to teach gymnastics in a fun, playful manner.


This class runs much like our E-Tumblers program but is taught at an intermediate level. Children will continue to learn basic gymnastics skills in a creative and playful manner, at a pace that is appropriate for the ability of the class. This class challenges children to learn our gymnastics vocabulary and to stay engaged for the entirety of the class. (Students admitted by recommendation only.)


This girls’ program is designed to give all beginning students a well-rounded education in gymnastics and fitness. Girls learn gymnastics in a fun, interactive style while emphasizing safety, independence, and skill-building. Children will gain flexibility, coordination, and strength through gymnastics movements and exercise games.

Super Energy-Girls

In this girls’ program, students focus on the introduction of intermediate gymnastics skills, including front and back walkovers, back hip circles, and other skills based on the level of the class. Children will further develop their strength, coordination, and balance in this creative and fast-paced class. (Students admitted by recommendation only.)


In this girls’ program, students focus on the development of advanced skills, including tumbling connections, forward and backward handsprings and tucks, as well as other skills based on the level of the class. Children will be challenged by strength exercises, gymnastics drills, and games that will help them master advanced gymnastics skills. (Students admitted by recommendation only.)


This boys’ program is designed to give all beginning students a well-rounded education in gymnastics and fitness. Boys learn gymnastics in a fun, interactive style that emphasizes safety, independence, and skill-building, through training on equipment such as the still rings, parallel bars, high bar, pummel horse, floor, and trampoline.

Super Energy-Boys

This intermediate boys’ program focuses on developing gymnastics skills, physical accomplishments, and self-esteem while also focusing on safety, independence, and skill-building. Classes are high-energy, physically challenging, and fun. Students will develop strength, balance, and flexibility while training on all of the gymnastics events. (Students admitted by recommendation only.)

E-Boys Fitness

Do you have a boy with lots of energy, loves to play with friends, plays sports, or all of the above? We are now offering a new E-Boys Fitness class for ages 8-12!

This fitness program is designed for boys who like fun and fast action and is an ideal option for cross-training or building strength and flexibility for any sport.

  • Activities: In this class, we utilize obstacle courses, games, races, floor exercises, and tumbling to develop strength, agility, flexibility, coordination, endurance, and teamwork.
  • Equipment: Trampoline, open floor, gymnastics apparatus, resistance bands, medicine balls, and stability balls.
  • Three students are needed to open E-Boys Fitness in the Natick location, please call the front desk to inquire. 


In this co-ed program, students focus on the development of beginning to advanced tumbling skills, including tumbling connections, cartwheels, round-offs, walkovers, handsprings, and flips. Students primarily use the spring floor and trampolines and will be challenged by strength & flexibility exercises and progressive tumbling drills that help them master their skills.

Intensive Program

Our Intensive program is an invitation-only opportunity for students to bring their gymnastics to the next level without the pressure of competition. This program is for students who have a passion to master skills with more advanced instruction. This program is for students who consistently display a hard-working nature, and wish to spend even more time in the gym doing what they love. While our Intensive students don't compete, they do have opportunities to perform in Showcase events.  There will be an opportunity to transition to our Xcel Team program as well. Call the front desk for additional details.

Xcel Program

Our Xcel team is an invitation-only program for students who wish to partake in the competitive realm of gymnastics. The athlete's commitment to the program includes additional, mandatory hours in the gym. Xcel team members will be held to higher standards with the intensity and focus that they bring into the gym. As the year progresses they will participate in local competitions, challenging themselves every step of the way.  Call the front desk for additional details.